a group of 109 Dominican amber gemstones weighing 2072 grams or more than 4 1/2 pounds
including a large scorpion, a large cockroach, hymenaea flowers, hymenaea leaves, an acacia frond, termites, winged ants,
spiders, parasitic wasps, cockroaches, beetles, moths, and psocoptera
this is part of the McGowan Personal Amber Collection
$10,200.00 No Reserve

Some photos of our last amber excavations in the Dominican Republic March 2014

These are authentic Dominican Amber Gemstones excavated in either the La Bucara, Los CaCoas, Peekado Boo Boo or the La Toca Amber Mine, sorry no returns for this group.

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Dominican Amber 
In the Dominican Republic, Hymenaea trees are called Algorrobo. The Hymenaea tree exudes vast amounts of resin which over millions of years of pressure hardens into amber. Generally amber is found because a landslide along a steep slope in the mountains exposes veins of black lignite. If the lignite contains amber it is gradually extracted by digging along the vein with picks and shovels. After the amber is found it is chiseled by hand out of the shaft walls, put into burlap sacks and passed out of the mine where it is separated from the rock by machete. Larger chunks of amber make it possible to view inclusions almost immediately by holding the amber up to sunlight to determine if a large inclusion has been discovered. Fossil bearing amber is polished locally.